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Motivational Monday

What are ways you all keep yourselves motivated? Sustaining motivation can be tough with everything going on in life but with finding the right tips and tricks that work for you is key!

We came up with 5 helpful tips that might help some of you get back on track where you want to be!

1. Set goals. Visualize your goals. Start with simple goals like going to the gym one extra day a week then imagine the wind running through your hair at the finish line of that half marathon next month. Make sure your goals are realistic and progress to longer range goals only when you feel comfortable.

2.List the reasons you want to accomplish certain goals. Let's be real, in our crazy, distracting world it's easy to set aside things we should do for things we need to do. Studies have shown when we write notes down the act of writing creates spatial relations between the information that we are writing and helps us remember the "important stuff".

3. For those who are trying to find time to exercise, try not to fall back on excuses. Try and make exercise another priority. Schedule workouts as you would any important activity.

4. Read and listen to positive information. Fill your mind with uplifting information that will keep you motivated. Find a positive book or something that will give you constant reminders that you will succeed and reach your goals. Be positive and speak positively.

5. Celebrate accomplishments no matter how big or small. Rewarding yourself is a big part of staying motivated. Each time you reach a goal give yourself some sort of positive affirmation.

Happy Monday everyone :)

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