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Thriving Thursday

What was the "Turning Point" that made you consider Weight Loss Surgery?

Last night's Support Group Meeting topic was "Turning Point" and for some folks the answer is simple- they want to start living not just existing. This journey is not to be taken lightly, One has to adopt a entirely different lifestyle, and we recommend starting prior to surgery and our patients agree!

There is not fixed plan for everyone, but each patient is followed by a series of physicians who will work together to make a plan for an individual to ensure they have all the necessary information in order to be successful and live a healthier life post-operatively.

Today's blog post is just going to touch on some useful advice a post-op patient shared with us at Support Group last night.

1. Snacking is very important after surgery, some disagree but you will only be able to handle a minimal amount of food so selecting appropriate snacks will help your nutritional needs without slowing your weight loss. Knowing what foods are healthy to snack on is crucial in your success. Discussing healthy eating options with our Dietitian or a another healthcare provider will help you increase nutrient rich foods in your diet so that you can sustain a healthy eating lifestyle. A point a patient made is if you can't walk down the cookie isle without buying cookies, do not go down the cookie isle. If that is something you struggle with take that in consideration when finding foods to snack on.

2.Start Small.

If you decide to order a burger, maybe skip the bun and make it a lettuce wrap.

3. Make a list of short and long term goals for yourself whether its taking the stairs instead of the elevator or being able to run for 5 minutes without stopping.

4. If you have kids, have them come up with goals so they can help you be successful. You don't have to go in dept with all the information about recovery but let them know for a bit you will need to take it easy and if they come up with things they want to do with you they will be invested in your success. This journey is your journey, do not be afraid to be selfish in some aspects so find out ways for them to help YOU!

5. Support Support Support.

Having positive encouragement will be a key factor in helping you succeed. Ways to bring your support system together prior to surgery could be cooking with the family and incorporating healthier eating options-it all starts now!

If anyone would like to share what made them decide to start this journey feel free to comment!

Happy Thursday.

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