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Thriving Thursday

Happy Thursday folks! Today's transformation is the lovely Kathy- congratulations Kathy!!!

Now that it is the new year, there are new resolutions to stick to. We've come up with some ideas and ways to try and achieve these resolutions!

1. Stop procrastinating- let's be real, we all rather relax and do something fun rather than not. Changing this bad habit is essential and eventually will get easier but it all starts now! discusses how to stop procrastinating with the "2-minute rule" the goal is to make it easier to start doing things you should be doing. There are to parts to the strategy- 1.If it takes less than two minutes, do it now. 2. When you start a new habit, it should take less than two minutes to do. Lifehack states that even though all goals cannot be accomplished in less than two minutes, every goal can be started in 2 minutes or less.

2. Meet new people- when we're in a rut, we tend to stay home and avoid people rather using opportunities to have fun with new interesting people. Meeting new people is beneficial not only for your well being but to help further you in aspects of your career and romantic relationships. One step at a time- try and overcome your shyness and go out and get new know people when you have the chance to.

3. Reduce stress- stress can be very destructive for your well-being when it comes to relationships and health. Obviously, at times there's no way to prevent hectic things from occurring but it can be managed through activity, listening to music, mediation. Lifehack recommends taking three deep breaths before reacting to an unexpected situation. Try and teach yourself abdominal breathing which may help in an emergency situation.

4. Get more quality sleep. Having all the technology we do now can really affect our sleep schedules. 8 hours of sleep is an average amount of sleep one should get-varying depending on age and activity level. Some no-nos we found from Lifehack will hopefully encourage you all to get better sleep: 1. Do not eat before bed. 2. AVOID caffeine which is a stimulant and will keep your body alert and energized. 3. Reserve your bed for sleeping, if you read or watch TV in bed it will be harder to wind down. Associating bed with sleep may help you get back on track.

5. Don't sleep too much. According to WebMD oversleeping has been linked to an array of medical problems including diabetes and heart disease.

6.Try to keep a tidier life. Having clutter and chaos in your life will negatively affect your mood and productivity. Try and focus on organization by creating a to-do list or keeping a schedule and setting your priorities straight.

7. Spend more time with people that matter. Focus on the folks that make you feel like they care and want you to be happy, and if you need to find new folks, then so be. Life is too short for us to waste it on toxic people that wont encourage you to be a better you.

Happy Thursday everyone- be safe on the roads!

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