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Thriving Tuesday

Happy Tuesday folks!

Hope to see some of you all for support group tomorrow, the topics will be "Post Op Intimacy" and "Finding New Hobbies."

Self improvement and living a lifestyle of wellness doesn't just include eating habits and exercise habits. Hobbies encourage us to take breaks from our busy lives and offer new experiences and challenges. Engaging in activities that make you feel happy will be a healthy distraction that can make you less stress and allow you to explore yourself and your talents. We've included some ideas that might give you a boost in the right direction towards the happy healthy you.

1. Gardening, Summer is right around the corner and getting your hands dirty might help you de-stress and get in some physical activity as well as improve your hand strength.

2. Yoga. Yoga comes in many different levels and can be beneficial for any age and fitness level. Yoga adds a physical activity element that can boost your energy and promote physical strength and health. Mindfulness is a very important characteristic of yoga and will help you become more aware and less stressed while improving your productivity.

3. Reading. Reading will keep you stimulated and help boost your memory especially when it is a good book. Reading is a simple form of entertainment that may give you that stress relief that you need.

4. Pets. If able to getting an animal can increase your well being mentally and physically. Owning a pet can keep you active and increase physical activity while also providing a support system when you need it.

5. Volunteering. Giving back to your community may be that extra something that you need to help feel like you are making a difference and leave you will a sense of fulfillment.

Other beneficial hobbies for self improvement

6. Knitting

7. Scrapbooking

8. Drawing comics

9. Photography

10. Zumba

11. Cycling

12. Lino cutting (carving)

13. Calligraphy

14. Tennis

15. Dog walking (apps such as rover)

16. Pottery

17. Wood crafting

18. Hiking

19. DIY (buy a book that has things that include fixing around the house, presents, clothes etc.)

20. Board Games

21. Start Investing

22. Start Budgeting

23. Teach yourself a language

24. Learn magic

25. Learn origami

26. Play Sudoku

27. Practice meditation

28. Start a blog

29. Start running

30. Join a sports team

31. Stargaze

32. Build a kite

33. Start collecting

34. Try geocaching

35. Try bird watching

Quote of the day: To fall in love with yourself is the first secret to happiness- Robert Morley

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