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Thriving Tuesday

Happy Tuesday folks!

Hope to see some of you all for support group tomorrow, our topics will be "How You See Yourself" and "Emotional Eating."

Food should be fuel and nourishment for our bodies, if emotions guide you in a direction try and think of some of these tips when you need to overcome a moment of emotional eating.

1. Replace "I deserve it" with "I'm worth it"

2. Take a hot shower or bath.

3. Plan your meals. If you plan your meals and snacks you will be able to detect your emotional eating if you notice yourself looking for food outside of your normal routine.

4. Know your emotions. Identify why you are eating whether it is because you're stressed, bored, guilty, sad, happy, angry. If you identify and find out the cause it will be easier to cope with and find healthier ways of coping.

5. Ask yourself questions when you're in a state of emotional eating; "Why do I want to eat this?" "Am I upset about something?" "Is there something else that can satisfy my craving?"

Tips on eating out:

1. Do not feel pressures to eat like everyone else. Your portion will be different than others so try to not let others make you feel bad for choosing to eat healthy.If this is a concern be the first one at the table to order to ensure you stick with your original, healthy choice.

2.Substitute side dishes. Instead of french fries with your meals ask for steamed veggies.

3. Ask for a to go container at the beginning of your meal and put half of the meal away because the portions are usually more than you can eat in a sitting.

4. If nothing on the menu looks right ask about creating a dish of your own.

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