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Wellness Wednesday

Happy Wellness Wednesday folks! Hope everyone is having a wonderful foggy December day. Today we thought we'd share 5 helpful tips for ways to increase success after Bariatric Surgery!

1. Remember, weight loss surgery is metabolic surgery and weight loss is secondary to it. This surgery requires commitment- it isn't a quick fix, it's an ongoing journey toward weight loss through lifestyle changes.

2. Follow physician orders. We only want what is best for you- all the advice we give are rules and tips that is for your well being and to help guide you towards success in your journey. Never hesitate to contact the office whether you are pre-op or post-op.

3. Having the right attitude is such an important factor in succeeding after weight loss surgery. Like we said Bariatric Surgery is not a quick fix, starting with realistic expectations will make the journey easier. Keeping in mind that surgery is not the immediate answer rather it's a tool that will help you with your weight loss journey. Knowing it will take time and effort and having a clear idea of the process will help you stay on track and not give up.

4. Changing your eating habits long term will be a key factor in your successful journey. If you are willing to change your lifestyle permanently, this surgery will help you become the person you want to be. Changing what you eat and how much you eat, taking your vitamins and exercising will all be factors you need to keep in consideration in the journey ahead after surgery (even before if you start prior to.)

5. Stay connected. Regardless if you are experiencing a rough patch or are doing great, support group is one of the best ways to make the tough times easier and all together helping patients find ongoing education opportunities. Support group can continue to be beneficial for patients months and even years into ones journey. Whether you are pre-op or post-op please remember you are not alone and we are always here to help.

Have a wonderful rest of your day everyone!

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