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Wellness Wednesday

Happy Wednesday folks!

Hope you all have a wonderful week and hope to some of you all for support group tonight, our topic is "Bariatric Surgery- Not the easy way out." Our topic Friday is "The Emotional Aspect."

Success with Bariatric Surgery comes with challenges and changes long term. Habits good and bad are what make or break someone's success with whichever procedure they decide to go with.

Making changes before surgery.

Putting off changes until surgery might make things more difficult post-operatively. Many successful patients quit the soda, eating out and try cooking at home more often. This will be a jump in the right direction so things aren't as tough after surgery.

Routines for grocery shopping.

Meal planning can really benefit a patient pre and post operatively. Setting a day to write a list and go shopping and prepare a meal can be overwhelming so split up the days when you write the list, when you shop and prepare the meals.

Have a variety in your diet.

Becoming bored with what you eat might make your dietary choices unhealthy ones. Have fun with what you eat and try to broaden the ranges of what you eat. Pinterest is a great resource for Bariatric Recipes as well as different Bariatric Dietitians and patients on the web that have blogs. Find what is right for you and try to stick with it!

Keep up with post-op appointments and support groups- Whether you are keeping up with the surgeon, dietitian, primary or a personal trainer there are just some things that you may not know or haven't heard about so having a good provider that can educate you are successful habits and track your progress will help you progress even further. Support groups will help keep encouraged and motivated in the case you don't have any support at home of if you simply just need a refreshed outlook that you are not alone in this incredible journey.

From influences from friends to influences from family members, habits will always be there to guide you in your lifestyle. It is your decision on whether those habits help you progress or not but we will be here to help guide you to the person you want to be.

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