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Happy Friday folks! Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. Just some ideas to get back on track this friday just remember how far you've come and that life is a journey.

Hope to see some of you all at Support Group this afternoon our topic is "The First Few Months"

Quote of the day:

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All great tips! I haven't had the surgery yet, but I've done enough dieting, that I know these tips already apply to me..... which one is going to be the hardest you ask; Eat to live, not live to eat - food is always on my mind. Whether I'm eating because I'm hungry, or because I'm emotionally eating, or craving, or preparing, or shopping, or cooking. Whew! You get my drift. Then, the Food Journal. I work, homeschool and have five kids... the journal is going to be a challenge for me. But I know it's worth it. My sister, who is very disciplined with her food choices, swears by it. These tips help to prepare me a little, so…

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